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Best Trends from Milan Fashion Week For Fall – Part 1

With fall 2016 Fashion weeks coming to an end, we are almost close to finally choosing the most wearable trends for the season. We have already covered London Fashion Week and New York Fashion Week for you, and in this series, it will be all about Milan Fashion Week. The shows at Milan always have something engaging to offer, which makes the shows even more interesting and the worth the wait. Let’s straight get into the trends to get some quick hints for the upcoming fashion season.

Get digitized

Get digitized: Most of us have taken a shot at digital print at some point, but this time around, you are likely to experiment more. A number of designers and top fashion houses have worked with digital prints, and the options are wide and varied. Some of the best designs and prints were seen at Emporio Armani, Marni and Emilio Pucci. The idea works well when you are wearing coordinated outfits. Think of a matching prints and colours for the skirt and top, or just go ahead with a printed dress – the experimentation can continue. Make sure to check online stores for some ideas, because digital print tees and dresses are not hard to find.

Yellow girl

Yellow girl: This has to be our favourite from the Milan Fashion Week. Many shows focused on use of very unique shades of yellow, and an absolute stunning outfit was seen at Roberto Cavalli. That’s a dress that you would want one of the celebs to wear for an event because it would just take the red carpet colour palette to the next level. There were also other designers and brands like Arthur Arbesser, Gucci and Max Mara who worked with the sunshine shades. No wonder, yellow for the fall is a bold move, and it is impossible to have enough of it. If you are not in the top brands, you can start looking in budget brands, and given the colour isn’t something that everyone chooses, you will find good options.

Changed for good:

Changed for good: The statement coat, which is a must for the fall, has gone through a complete range of changes. Some of the top designers have worked with the statement coat to give it some interesting elements, including fur trims and even patchwork. It is also interesting to find use of more than two colours, which works well for a season where monochromatic colours often rule the choices of the buyers. Some of the top names to check for this special trend include Alberta Ferretti, Emilio Pucci and Gucci. Leather was seen at Gucci, but you can do a lot with faux options too! Make sure to experiment with the colours you pick, because it becomes much easy to sport the trend sans going extreme.

In the next post, we will talk of more trends from Milan Fashion Week! Not to forget, we have some interesting trends coming from Paris Fashion Week, as well. Come back for more, because fashion for the fall just got a makeover for some great inspirations.

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