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Best of Jewellery Trends for Fall/ Winter 2014-2015- Part 1

Last week we talked of the fashion trends in clothing and outfits for Fall/ Winter 2014-2015, and this time it is about the jewellery trends. There are some interesting ideas that have cropped up for the upcoming season, many of which should make way in the masses and classes alike. Here’s a quick take on the best trends for the coming season, exclusively for jewellery.

One earring at Céline

One earring at Céline: Unique and statement way in many ways, the trend of wearing one earring at Céline is something that will catch the fancy of many. The idea is to wear one earring in one year, much in the statement style. We saw danglers, and there are hundreds of designs that you can try.

Oversized hoops at Balmain

Oversized hoops at Balmain: Easily one of the best trends of the season is the oversized hoops seen at Balmain, which seemed to be inspired from groups and tribes, but in a good way. The designer collection showed some modern outline in the use of these hoops, and given the look, these hoops should work for the workplace, as well.

Collars from Louis Vuitton

Collars from Louis Vuitton: Love leather? There is nothing like the design of leather collars you would spot at Louis Vuitton. We loved the way the designer had worked on the entire look. Also, here the one earring element was again present, so you can be assured that there is a lot to expect from the trend in days to come.

Crystals at Dolce & Gabbana

More of crystal at Dolce & Gabbana: There is one thing that stands out about Dolce & Gabbana- they know how to set a trend. For the Fall/ Winter 2014-2015, they have picked up some jumbo sized crystal neckpieces, which create a statement of their own. The pieces from them were so huge and attractive that we actually had to consider the places where one can wear them with ease.

Hand bracelets from Alexander McQueen

Large hand bracelets from Alexander McQueen: The way Alexander McQueen dresses his models and clients is for everyone to see, and there is no denying that even the most unique of things become a trend from his shows. This coming fall, we found some great bracelets in his collection. Most of them would cover the hand completely and bring an element of feminine shine in every look.

Chokers from Balenciaga

Chokers from Balenciaga: If you loved the way Chanel had done the pearly chokers last season, you have some more this season from none other than Balenciaga. The designs are more on the crystal side, and there is a lot of charm in the front open design that was seen on the ramp. For those who are looking for some classic things for the fall, this is the one to have.

Collars from Givenchy

Unique collars from Givenchy: One of the many collars experts spotted for the season were those unique collars from Givenchy, which look ravishing and happening by all means. The colours were bright, and yet, there was a level of subtlety that we loved and enjoyed the most.

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