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Best Handbag Trends from the Fall-Winter Collections 2015-2016

We have briefly done a few posts on how the best trends have emerged from the fall-winter fashion weeks 2015 -2016. While clothing trends are being checked, and we promise to bring more in days to come, we take a close look at the handbag trends for the fall of this year. Some of the handbag styles we have spotted this year have been revamped version of what we have seen in the past while some of the things are totally well done as a fresh trend. Here is a close take on what you will buy for winters of 2015.

Furry furry all the way

Furry, furry all the way: Whether it is Proenza Schouler or Mark Jacobs, most of the designers have worked with handbags with a tough of fur, which is either used on the straps or as a part of the ensemble. Whatever your take on the use of fur may be, let’s give credit where it’s due- the trend does justice to the season. There are always faux fur options available, so you can find something or the other to buy for your needs. A special mention about the oversized bags that were seen at Louis Vuitton, which certainly oozed the maximum style!

Handle is easy

Handle is easy: Many of the big fashion houses have designed handbags that are more easy to grip and even easier to match for any occasion. Names include Giambattista Valli, Valentino and Christian Dior among others while you can also see these bags at Prada shows. The look is simple with handle based handbags being used rightly in creating a smart appeal. The feminine aspect of the design is retained, and you will love the different options in sizes and designs that were seen both on the runways and beyond.

Go for the belt bags

Go for the belt bags: Sling bags and belted bags were the best takeaways from the fall winter collections of 2015. There were new age designs seen at Dries Van Noten, Chanel, Lanvin, and Proenza Schouler among others, and the look is all about being the edgy girl on the streets. Sling bags have been around for some seasons now, so if you haven’t invested in a genuine design yet, it’s time to get the best style of your pick for the closet. The belted designs may take some time to come to the street markets, so for now, you have to think of the style like the designers.

Be squared

Be squared: If the spring was about round bags, square is the new shape for the fall this year, and we are not complaining. The designs were seen at some big shows, including Marc by Marc Jacobs, Alexander McQueen and Dolce & Gabbana. The new age box shapes are pretty and have that rough edgy side to it, which is worth a check, given that we are overdone with totes and hobos in the last few seasons. If there has to be one designer investment this season, this is the one.

In the next part, we talk of more things from the fall runway shows 2015-2016!

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