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Best glamorous looks for the Halloween

When the Halloween is around, you need the perfect look for your party, and choosing the look and outfit can be a daunting task, especially when you are not sure of what your friends are wearing. Here are the top Halloween looks that you would love to check and get into.

Zombie Girl Look for Halloween

Getting the zombie girl outfit: Being the Zombie girl is easy and extremely out of the box. All you need is the right clothes, which should ideally be torn and worn out along with some loud dark eye makeup. Try to get dirty with ample blood around your face, and you would be ready for the Halloween like never before. As you might know, your hair needs to be totally out of the place for this look. Taking of the price, there isn’t much with these outfits to be pricey, so you can take a chill pill.

Queen of the night costume

Queen of the night costume: There are times when you have to get raunchy and dirty and yet be sensuous. The best way to make the most of the Halloween party is to dress like a night fall queen with those long gowns with long slits with a matching hat and false nails. Please make sure that you use those false horrifying teeth for the real feeling. You can iron straight your hair coolly. These can be expensive costumes, so make sure that you check with online stores before getting them.

The mysterious lady in the castle

The mysterious lady in the castle: This is probably one of the safest looks for the Halloween, and you would have to work hard in it. Here, you will need a stylish gown in black and with little styling of the hair and a cigar in your hand, you will be ready for some action on your next party. For the makeup, you must opt for complete dark shades in lipsticks and glosses.

The Pirates of the Caribbean look

The Pirates of the Caribbean look: If you are looking for Pirates of the Caribbean look, you need to be extremely well versed with what Angelina Jolie had to wear in the 4th movie. There are so many different styles and choices in pirates women’s dresses that you would need to think twice before getting your dress. This is actually a very safe look, and indeed, one of the most stylish looks of the season.

The horrifying school girl look

The horrifying school girl look: The girly look for the summers is extremely in, then why not for a Halloween party? Just buy the right school girl Halloween dress and complete the look with tied two ponies and dark makeup. This is certainly one of the cutest looks for the dark themed parties, and you will just look away from the crowd. Just make sure your makeup is not blown out of the proportion by any means.

With these five looks in your mind and little spending on the costume, fashion for Halloween will be really fun and happening. Enjoy the dark looks with a little difference with the right outfit.

[Image Courtesy: girlhue & buycostumes]

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