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Best Fall Shoes to Showcase and Invest In 2012

The fall season is often touted as the best season of the year by fashionistas for the fact that you can wear a little of the summers and little of the winters without any fuss.  In fact, there are so many choices in clothes, apparels and shoes in the fall season that one would be spoilt for action. In shoes, you can try boots and still wear those stilettos worth dying for. We bring you the most trending styles in shoes for women in Fall 2012 with the reasons why you should get one pair from each style.

Loafers for women

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Get Loafers: Let’s admit it that most of us are not very fond of loafers. What makes them worse is the style element, which somehow seems to be completely out of fashion. You may not find loafers hot, but you can try them for comfort and a neat look. For fall 2012, this style is back in action, and you can try many colours including black, purple or even green. The only thing that you need to think and choose right is the choice of materials. We suggest you go for suede or simply velvet as both the materials offer you an upscale feeling.

Hefty Heels

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Get hefty heels: Many women have fear for stilettos as they don’t find as much comfort in walking in them as they would get with flats. Steer clear of the high heels and replace them with hefty heels for the season. These heels are extremely comfortable and are completely a hit on and off the runways. Many brands have used them in their collection, and there are all kinds of colours that that you give a shot at. However, going by what is working with the masses, we suggest you go for bright colours that bring attention for your feet.

Ankle Boots

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Get ankle boots: Whether in leather or in suede, ankle boots are the greatest trends for the fall season of 2012. The best thing about ankle boots is the fact that you can wear them with almost any dress for both formal and informal occasions. We suggest you get colours like burgundy, oxblood or purple. Again, be sure about choosing the right material because colours and material give you the richy-rich look, even when you are not spending a fortune.

Leopard Print shoes

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Get animal prints: If you are a lover of printed shoes, animal prints are certainly in trend. You can try them in pumps or even in heels and boots for all kinds of looks. The best thing about animal prints is they are never out of fashion. Style elements in animal prints can differ with brands, but a leopard and snake prints are safe bets for any fashion conscious women, and you can continue to get styled in them for as many times as you want.

With these four shoes trends for the fall season, welcoming the winters in style is never a concern. Just make sure that you match the right pair of shoes with the right dress.

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