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The Best Fall 2016 Trends From Paris Fashion Week

No matter how much you follow fashion, you can never have enough, unless you have followed the four major fashion weeks of every season. After Milan, London and New York, we come to a close on our fashion week trends for fall 2016 with Paris Fashion Week. This is one fashion extravaganza that just keeps growing bigger and getting better, and that’s why we thought we can help you shop more with some amazing trends. Without waiting any longer, here are some of the best trends from Paris Fashion Week for fall 2016, with some ideas and tips to make the most of them.

Sporty fun

Sporty fun: In 2014, we saw some sportswear inspired clothing coming to the forefront, and it seems our fashion houses keep returning to the athletic world for more. Last time, it was about the styling, but this time, you will see the staples coming back to the stores, starting from track-wear to complete hoodies and more. You can find some inspired ideas in online stores, so technically, you don’t need to spend on high end stuff. However, you can steal some of the quick trend picks from names like Louis Vuitton, Carven and Chanel. Make sure to look for colours, which were more on the mono side.

Rewind 90s

Rewind 90s: Sometime back, it was all about the 70s and 80s, but with 2016, we are finally back to the 90s, and it would be immensely fun in many ways. From use of denims to brighter shades and use of varied loud but fun elements, you can be ready for the ultimate kill in fall 2016. This is a trend that would some level of understanding, so you need to check the designers and the kind of ideas that top fashion houses showed at the runway. Some of the names worth checking for quick steals include Chanel, Elie Saab, Vivienne Westwood and Nina Ricci, each having a flavour of their own!

In the Victorian-era

In the Victorian-era: Many designers also worked with elements of the Victorian-era for the fall, adding a lot of feminine elements for the fall. One of the major highlights of Victorian-era clothing is the amazing use of neckline ideas and ruffles, and both were seen in abundance on the runways. The best designs of this trend were spotted at Giambattista Valli, Balmain, Chanel and Chloé. Do note that ruffles were a huge hit on the spring 2016 runways, as well, so the kind of idea flows makes sure that you can make more of smaller investments. For women, who have never ever owned a Victorian neck outfit, this is one season when you will find choices. If you check your regular brands, you can find budget ideas too.

With that we end this part of fall 2016 trends, and we hope you found some great ideas worth reckoning. In the next part, we will have some more trends from Paris Fashion Week. Keep an eye on this space for more fashion updates, and we promise to keep styling and surprising you!

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