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The Best 2016 Sunglasses Trends You Need To Know!

We have done all kinds of talks on trends, but, of course, nothing is complete for the spring and summer unless we have talked of shades and sunglasses. This is going to be a post about the best trends in sunglasses for 2016, but we not limited to a season. In short, these are the styles and ideas you will see more often, and if you are considering investing in new sunglasses, which you should, these are what you need. So let’s get started and check these trends.

Tweaked aviators

Tweaked aviators: In 2016, aviators are going for tweaking around the bridge, but you will pretty much have the funky elements going on, and if you have been thinking of something totally new, this is what you need. Check online stores if you don’t want to pay massive prices for the top brands. Try to experiment with the colours and themes, so that you can try more stuff for every single day of the week

More clear

More clear: Now, while summers are about colours, and the fall season is also about getting on the dark zone, not everyone is fond is great colours when it comes to sunglasses. This is precisely the reason why clear frames have emerged to be such strong trends. You can wear a clear frame sans any filters, and the idea works with professional and casual looks alike. The good thing is you can play with the colour of the glass, so there isn’t anything you will miss, especially if you don’t like bright and chunky frames.

Round frames

Round frames: Now, the third trend on this list is not something new, but round frames have been around for some time now, and they create quite an impact. Rounders are great on the retro vibe, and given that the trends from 70s and 80s are returning time and again, these are safe and worth investing. You don’t need to spend a bomb because there are some great options in budget, and if you are keen on discounts, check the online stores right now!


Cat-eye: Another trend that isn’t going anywhere is the cat-eye. Greatly amazing and funky, this is something that you can try pretty much for every single outfit. What’s the best part? You don’t need to settle for smaller choices because there are some over styled, extra designed and embellished designs that can give you more reasons to invest. In short, you can say goodbye to those banal and regular cat-eye glasses because 2016 is going to be about going over the top.

Go oversized

Go oversized: If you are fond of new stuff, oversized designs can be your thing. Oversized and clunky glares are great for the summer and they create instant attention. To add to the benefits, there is no matching rule here, so just pick the most unique and largest one you can find in the stores. Some of the online stores have pretty good dupes and low priced new brands, so check them, as well.

Get started now!

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