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Another Set of Spring Essentials for Every Girl- Part 2

We talked of the white dress, the romper and much more in the first part of the series. Moving ahead with the spring summer essentials, here is the next set of things you should be buying right now!

Get a pair of high heels

Get a pair of high heels: Platforms, stilettos or a pair that’s nothing but high! Summer and spring closets should have that one pair of high heels that easy to the eyes. Heels have the slimming effect, which ensures your body looks better every single day of the week. Given that flats have been trending, this is a reason to break the norm and get back to being stylish in high heels.

Invest in high raise denims

Invest in high raise denims: A pair of high waist denims with a matching crop top is like that instant match for coolness. You can try the look for any informal occasion, and sometimes even to the workplace with some balance. High waist denims are all about comfort, so you don’t miss the walking ease while styling effortless for the spring. That’s like a ‘ten on ten’ hit at the style quotient off the runways!

Go for a pair of cool glares

Go for a pair of cool glares: Cateye, round and much more- having a pair of sunglasses for the spring is inevitable, and girls even like to have an assorted collection. Make sure that you check with the leading designer brands and find the styles that ruling the fashion squares. Not to forget, glares are important for the spring and summer sun protection, so this is again like getting back to the basics.

Check-in with the right hat

Check-in with the right hat: Hats are great for the airport and travel times, but what about bad hair days? Having a hat with a larger brim works perfectly on days when you simply don’t want to spend time getting the hair done. Also, for the sun rays, this is instant protection. Hats work as great accessories for both formal and informal dressing ideas, so there is plenty to experiment with.

Casual in a pair of shorts

Casual in a pair of shorts: Shorts are always fun, and for the summer and spring, it should be about a pair of denim shorts. Denim shorts is meant for girls who like comfort fashion, so basically you put on anything on the top to get in the style zone with ease. Thinking of showing skin? Pair your denim shorts with a crop top or a backless blouse, and you can give any fashionista a run for her money.

Simple with a striped t-shirt

Simple with a striped t-shirt: As many striped t-shirts you can buy, the better! Stripped t-shirts work wonders for any figure, and you don’t really need to bother about matching and balancing colours. Starting with the shorts to the long tight leggings, stripped tees are fun with almost anything.

Also, on your list should a button down check shirt, a formal spring suit and certainly a pair of casual flat sandals. With all that in the closet, you don’t really need to worry about a day when there’s nothing special to wear! Have fun!

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