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All You Need To Know About High Heels

High heels are loved by some, while there are women to whom heels are intimidating. You may have the perfect stilettos in your collection, and yet, you may be still waiting to wear the same. Wearing heels is not a matter of sophistication anymore as there are shoes that are designed for all kinds of occasion. Before you jump to conclusions whether you should wear high heels or not, here, there are some places and occasions where you can take your heels with confidence.


  1. When you are attending a cocktail party wearing the perfect LBD, you need those stilettos with you for the complete look. There is no denying that heels do add a little bit of sophistication to your looks, and when you are wearing something short in length, you can always look more slender with the right length of heels. For casual and professional parties, always look for high heels that are designed for the chic lady.Office Heels
  2. Heels are also equally perfect for formal occasions, as well. You can wear medium and low heels as daily wear to your office. Always look for basic heels in formal tones and colors. The idea is to stick to the formal look without going overboard with the length of the heels.Bejeweled Heels
  3. You can also wear high heels and stilettos for certain special occasions such as marriage and engagement. Whether it’s your own marriage or you are the best friend to the bride, momentous occasions always invite stilettos in action. You can wear bejeweled heels that come with all kinds of effective embellishments and be the lady of the moment.

Tips on wearing heels:

While most women love wearing heels, the idea may be frightening to many. While wearing heels is always fun, there are small things that you should keep in mind, some of which are mentioned below.

  • Heels are not always comfortable, and that’s the reason you need to buy heels from the best footwear brands. Quality brands ensure that high heels are designed as per you needs, and you are never out of your comfort zone. As most people say that you should never take chances with your footwear brand, and they are true.
  • If you are new to wearing heels, it is an earnest advice that you practice wearing heels at home before you take the plunge outside. You need to be extremely comfortable while stepping out. Always keep your feet close to each other and try to balance your body weight. Initially, avoid all kinds of flimsy and extremely stylish heels that come without much support for the ankle. Instead, you can try pump-heels that are easy to wear and carry. Another option can be heels that come with backstraps.
  • Heels and wedges have two different stories to tell. While you may be extremely comfortable walking with wedges, heels are different. Wedges offer you the support and style, but when it comes to heels, you need to try pencil heels that come with all the elegance and sophistication.

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