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All about Vegan Fashion and Clothing Revealed

Today, the world of fashion is adapting much faster to the needs of the environment and planet, and no wonder, the choice of vegan fashion and clothing is only increasing. Before talking of why vegan fashion is the way to go, let’s first take a look at what it means to be vegan. Vegetarianism is about avoiding the consumption of meat, but vegan is a step ahead, where you choose to avoid all sorts of animal related products. At House of Elegance Fashion, we ask our readers to spare a thought on this post where we cover fashion in a new way.

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Why being vegan is not easy?

First things first, being a vegan isn’t easy because the choices are hard. Rather than talking of the food choices, let’s talk of the fashion elements that you must avoid. This includes leather, silk, wool, fur, skin, and ivory to name a few. Quite obvious, this isn’t easy, especially when the choices in vegan style are limited. However, there is a need to understand the kind of pain that you are causing to the defenceless animals for their skin or leather. Over the years, organizations like PETA and other NGOs have time and again tried to bring the plight of animals to the forefront.

What you don’t know about animal business?

You will be surprised to know that the leather which you consider to be a by-product of the meat industry may not be so, but it’s often the other way around. Many animals are skinned alive for their skin, while there are other practices that are sickening enough to be called human. A planet where coexistence is extremely important, the idea of killing animals finds no excuse except profits. While some people don’t know about the worst things happening in animal business, some choose to ignore. This is where the vegan brands and the fashion designers like Stella McCartney are doing their bit to help the world and animals. It’s worthy to mention that Stella McCartney’s designs are animal free and she is a huge supporter of PETA.

What are the alternatives available?

Vegan clothing includes use of a number of materials, although the choices are limited. You have options like organic cotton, bamboo, hemp apart from the synthetic choices in PU, faux far and PVC. While the synthetic materials are known to have some kind of side effects on the planet too, but often mixing them with biodegradable materials can reduce the harm.

How do you start being vegan?

Although the number of people on this route is too small for now, the future is bright. Celebs like Natalie Portman and others are seen supporting the cause, which simply shows that for being a diva, you don’t need to support animal products. There are good choices in brands, but what you must see is how a brand makes the product. Even if there is one percent of animal product used anywhere, shun the label right now.

This would be a choice we all would vouch for in future!

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