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All about the Accessories Trends for Spring Summer 2014

We have talked about the trends in shoes and clothes for the upcoming spring summer 2014, but where are the accessories? Regardless how cool you dress or how fine you look; there is no way that you can avoid the need for right accessories. Without wasting a minute, here’s all you need to know for the season!

 Links and more links

Links and more links: Remember how in the last season the chains and links were common to be seen almost everything. This season also the trend makes a great comeback, starting with pendants added to the chains for a more detailed look. From the collection of Saint Laurent to Valentino, the chains with large and visible links are worth a check.

 Block shades

Block shades: Tired of the prints and floral designs in accessories? Don’t worry as this season you will see a lot of block shades in bracelets, neckpieces and lot more. For better idea, check the collections at Chanel or Marni, and you will find the kind of looks that have appeared both in styles and in colours. After all, spring floral inspirations need a break!

 Gems and Crystals

Gems and Crystals: This spring, you will be seeing a lot of gems and crystals, mainly for the neckpieces in more designs and clusters. While Givenchy came up with some masks in the same pattern, Christian Dior had neckpieces and Prada had some great bracelets. This simply means that shimmer is not going anywhere, and there’s no way that you can skip the need for a highly elegant choice.

 More of gold

More of gold: Women can never have enough of gold, and the same is true with the brands and designers. From chokers at the show of Balmain to the beautiful hand pieces at Christian Dior, this is the trend to watch out for. Gold as an accessory choices works for more reasons than one. Firstly, you can actually team gold with almost any look, and secondly, when you are out of budget, there are good fake alternatives available. Gold motives in accessories were also seen in Dolce & Gabbana.

 Watch style

Watch style: If you like wearing timekeepers, this time you have a few tricky choices. While some of the brands such as Givenchy seemed to have watch as one of the main accessories, there are others like Nina Recci who seemed to be influenced by the design. No matter whether it’s a watch or not, the models on the same line are certainly worth a check. As for watches, you can check the choices at Burberry!

 White neckpieces

White neckpieces: No matter whether the design involves a more beady style or a pearlier one, neckpieces are extremely fun and easy to wear in white. While you will love to see the Chanel pieces, there are other very different choices with Marni and Rocha. You don’t always have to match the colours with neckpieces, but more than often, it is the contrast that can create a stunning look with ease.

Start shopping for the trends because the choices have just magnified!

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