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Affordable Fashion: Cheap Ways to Look More Stylish- Part 1

We always love Dolce & Gabbana, Gucci and Armani, but let’s also agree that we hardly have the resources that can be spent on a lavish collection of designer outfits. So, the idea that works wonders is affordable fashion. Style and glamour, as we always insist, doesn’t have to be about brands and designers alone. There are some easy ways and upgrades that can change the look of your clothing in many ways. In this two part series, we take a close look at the best affordable items that can offer great appeal sans overdoing the budget.

Get a silk blouse

Get a silk blouse: Silk always has an appeal that is easy to the eyes and extremely luxurious at all times. If you don’t have a silk blouse in the closet, consider buying one as soon as you get a chance. Silk blouses can be expensive at many times, which means you can spend more than a hundred dollars on some designs, but the good part is the trend of silk that refuses to leave, no matter what the seasonal trends are.

Add a cape

Add a cape: Capes are affordable, and there are all kinds of designs that are available. You can choose to get one from your favourite online store or having a design done to your tastes isn’t a bad idea, as well. Capes are beautiful, and for the fall, winter and spring, you can wear one with ease. Some of the materials in capes are good for the season in mind, so if it is for the winter, knits are decent options.

A decent coat

A decent coat: Trench coats have been spotted for pre-fall 2015, but essentially, a coat can always change the game for any outfit. Look for trench designs or even the simple lightweight coat that can be worn with everything. While for the dresses and blouses, the coat is good layering, it is for the jeans and trousers that you see a real uplift. When you are investing in trench coats, always choose a brand that you can rely, because these are things you won’t be shopping every now and then.

A small shoulder bag

A small shoulder bag: Tiny bags look expensive, and that’s probably why people shop for them at all times. While there is nothing practical about such an item, you can carry them for the shopping days and even for meetings when your pen and phone are the only things you need. Small bags look best when they have golden highlights or are in a bright colour. A black coloured bag with golden elements is like a safe bet.

Reptile print clutch

Reptile print clutch: In recent times, everyone seems to love clutches, but when it comes to a design that’s high on style and low in price, the snake clutch is a very good option. Check for the reptile prints that don’t always have to be expensive, and yet you can be assured of matchless style at all times. You can carry one with your office wear and boyfriend jeans at the same time.

Check part 2 for more!

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