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Adding the Wardrobe Essential- Turtleneck Dressing Ideas – Part 1

Welcome back to the old world of fashion ideas and tips. We have done quite a bit on spring trends, and we found it was rather a high time that we came up with worthy fashion guides. There are always a few things in the closet that can be termed as classics. From a bright coloured cardigan to a white shirt and a pair of high heels, there are so many things that every woman should own. One such item that certainly deserves a mention is the turtleneck.

A turtleneck light sweater or top is one of the versatile items you can have, especially for the fall and early spring. Given that spring and fall are arriving in different parts of the globe, we thought we could guide you with making the right choices with the turtleneck. Here are some of the ideas that you try with the turtleneck! We are going to do a second part two on this, simply as we know there is some great fun experimenting left to be done!

Pair it with a jacket

Pair it with a jacket: A jacket is easily one of the best things that work well with a turtleneck. Incredibly stylish as a whole idea, you can complete the look with a pair of chunk heels and a sling bag. Alternatively, you can also wear your regular denim and create and effortless fall look. If you are in the spring, you can use a turtleneck top with a bright coloured jacket for an instant colour update. Make sure to invest in a worthy bright jacket this season, which is also among the classics that you can keep repeating.

As an accentuated item

As an accentuated item: If you want an attention grabbing look, choose a turtleneck item in an extremely bold and bright colour. This can be a standalone accessory for the entire look, and therefore, you can tone down all of the other elements, like the accessories, skirt or pant whatever may be. Another good idea is to go for an added jacket or blazer with a pop colour turtleneck and you are good to go for any casual outing. Bright coloured options can be checked on online stores too, where you can find quite a few fabulous offers.

Add a coat

Add a coat: Another classic choice is to create a fall look using a winter look. For ladies who like their formal looks to have the edge, this can be a good idea. You can either colour combine the coat and turtleneck for a matched and subtle look, or else, the contrast look can equally good, where you match the coat and denims or just keep the colours in sync with one another. This is among the looks that can be easily changed and experimented, and it’s best that you have at least a couple of basic coloured turtlenecks in the closet.

In the next part, we will talk of some more ideas with turtlenecks and some fun things that you can try with this amazing and happening classic!

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