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Accessories for Every Holiday for Every Girl!

Holiday vacation doesn’t have to be boring, and let’s agree to the fact that ‘travel light’ doesn’t always make sense. We have checked the travel wardrobes of many women and found that most of them like to carry a few of the accessories that define style and essence of a vacation. Here are some essential tips that you should know when you are travelling and need your own vacation style statement.

A fold over clutch

A fold over clutch: Nothing beats the beauty of a clutch, and the fold over clutch is the new style statement that doubles up as a functional item for the vacation. Starting from your identity and credit cards to the tablet, your phablet and other small cosmetics, it can carry it on. For a holiday, you don’t need to carry too many clutches, but any new design or one universal colour can do the trick for the entire time. What is great about such an item is the fact that it can work with almost anything, starting from a pair of skinny jeans to a complete evening dress for a special party.

The Cross body bag

The Cross body bag: Many people take the cross body bag as the sling bag, but unlike the sling bag, cross body bags can be large enough to carry everything. If you are travelling and sightseeing, this is an accessory that can include your belongings along with some other basic things like the camera, iPad, water bottles and even your extra pair of slippers. Depending on the kind of essentials you carry, it is best to choose the right size. As for the colour, don’t be tricked to buy subtle all the time because even a popup colour can be more than awesome!

A perfect day bag

A perfect day bag: Such a bag is the one that works for keeping the basics but doesn’t work as freely as the cross body bag. So when you are out for shopping or spending the day by the beach, a day bag comes in handy. You can use a strap as needed to make that an effective sling bag. While your expensive mobile gets a pouch, a few of your basic items like the kohl pencil, lip gloss and mascara can go with you everywhere.

Complete stack up bracelets

Complete stack up bracelets: Stand alone bracelets are always worth the money, and this is something you would want to invest in some good brand. In our post on shopping mistakes, we told on how shopping too much is something worth avoiding. However, don’t forget to invest in a pair of good bracelets and a branded watch. For a vacation, a pair of different bracelets and a watch should be the right deal to go by. Again, no match concept for any look, but this is something you can wear with anything and still have a statement for everyone to check for.

Keep an eye on this space because we will talk of accessories and more for holidays, vacations and lazy times. Never ever miss on being fashionable!

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