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A Touch of Orange for the New Season

As we approach the summers and try to be better with the colour themes, there is a need to look for essential brightness. When one talks of brightness, there is no better colour than orange. Bold and high on attitude, orange is a colour that needs a lot of audacity to be carried off perfectly. There are so many different shades in the colour that one would love to experiment with. From shades of carrot and terracotta to more bright neon shades, orange is a colour worth a try. Here is a close take on what it takes to wear this colour with the perfect outlook.

Touch of Orange

A touch of orange: While gazing at orange coloured looks in the magazines, it seems it is easy to carry forward the colour. However, colours that are too bold need huge confidence to be complimented rightly. For those who are shying away from the complete orange look, it is best for them to look for clothes and apparels that come with a dash of orange. Even in small proportions in the entire dressing, the colour can do wonders in bringing attention.
The choice of citrus orange
The choice of citrus orange: Citrus colours are extremely stylish and cool for the summers. There is a hint of subtleness in the shades, but that doesn’t take away the essence of the actual colour from the fabric. Think of orange in complementation with other citrus shades such as lemon, yellow and shades of green. The idea is to bring more light on the combination of colours and make the entire look a total summer dapper.

Go wild with red and orange
Go wild with red and orange: Red and orange are kind of close shades, but when you think of a combo of both, the results are outrageously iconic. Choose an orange dress and combine the same with a bright red shrug for some amazing creativity. This is a combination that works for those who are not faint hearted and have a fair amount of attitude. Absolutely gorgeous and out of the box!

Combine block orange with block shades: The simplest way to bring attention to orange shade is to use it in the block form. From extreme bright to a little subtle, block orange can be used in plenty of ways with other colours. You can use anything from simple colours of pink and blue to more dark tones to make a suitable mix. Block coloured dresses and outfits are huge attention seekers, and in most cases, you would not be requiring any additional accessories.

Evening parties and events need tantalizing dresses and orange suits the bill perfectly. What is even great is the fact that you can do a lot with jewelry while wearing orange. Golden hinted pieces work excellently with orange. You can choose a pair of golden danglers in Indian style or can stay neat with studs jeweled with diamonds.

Don’t let the bright orange scare you as the options are as many as you can think, much ahead of the runways.

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