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A Look at 2013 Spring Bag Trends

It is quite appealing to wait and watch for the trends in bags because somehow our dressing styles and choices are much subject to transform with the change of trends in handbags. 2013 brings us some of the classiest and fascinating trends back in vogue, at least in the spring season. Here’s a quick take at what is ruling the ramp and what you should be stocking in your closet for having a fashionable season.

Mulberry tote

Totes: Totes have been featuring in the popular collections of many brands including Mulberry and Prada. What makes totes worth a buy is the fact that you can store a lot of things and are great for travelling. For this season, totes have been coming in a lot of colours, something that is common for the spring season.


Backpacks: Girly and extremely in vogue, backpacks are certainly the hottest flavour of the season. Whether you are college going girl or out for your weekend shopping, backpacks are not just about style but about right use, as well. Versus has designed many backpacks in their collection, mostly in the sporty style, where there has been a strong use of block colours. Other brands that focused on this trend are DKNY and Hermes.

Mini Bag

Small or Mini bags: Small bags made a comeback of sorts for spring 2013. These bags are stylish, and the best part is you can wear them in variety of ways. Most brands such as Louis Vuitton played with varied styles and patterns. You can wrap the bag behind the back or can simply tie around the wrist. Again, it is a style that will make rounds in casual dressing only.

Victoria Beckham Clutch

Clutches: Clutches are for the elite and can be great for wearing with a dress on the red carpet. The styles in clutches are quite attention-grabbing. You can find clutches in metallic style, round or other geometrical shaped, hard case clutches and more. Victoria Beckham came up with folding clutches, while Ralph Lauren designed clutches in most odd shapes.

Valentino Clear Clutch

Transparent bags: Well, probably the oddest trend of the season, but transparent bags is a hit in 2013. Some of the most popular brands such as Holly Fulton, Valentino, Gucci and Stella McCartney have invested time on this trend. The use of metallic accents is visible in most designs, something worth noticing among most brands.

Gucci animal print bag

Animal prints: To be precise, having animal trends in bags is not something new, but in 2013, many brands tried to emphasize on this global trend. The use of animal prints is however quite appealing with common use of reptile skins such as snakeskin or croc skin. Brands that designed bags with such trends include Giorgio Armani, Gucci, and Elie Saab.

As we wrap up, it is worth mentioning that odd shaped bags also made appearances in the collection of many brands. Don’t be surprised if you find a cylindrical shaped bag at any brand outlet. No wonders, the starting season of the year has been full of surprises with bags that certainly demand attention.


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