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A Cool Chic’s Guide to Summer Layering- Part 1

Summer layering isn’t everyone’s alley and most girls have some serious preconceived notions that layering in heat seasons doesn’t work. Break all those rules, because summer fun can be more than what meets the eye. Check these series that tell on how summer layering can be fun and addictive, not forgetting the style and glamour quotient.

Layering the summer dress

Layering the summer dress: Dresses for the summer work well when you are ready to show off those stunning legs. If the spring breeze is stopping you from the same, the idea is to pick the dress and match it with a nice pair of cropped pants. The idea is to keep the colours viable, which means you can go monochromatic for one and leave the prints to other. Summer dresses worn this way balances it all right, where you show the skin right and get the style in action.

With the denim dress

With the denim dress: Short and quirky denim dresses are like must haves for any season, and when it comes to the summer, shorter hemlines make for a stunning match. To layer your denim dress, you need a crisp white shirt with a collar, and you can complete the look by showing off just parts of the shirt. The only thing that you should take care of is simplicity, so basically avoid the accessories and limit the unwanted detailing.

Shirts and turtleneck

Shirts and turtleneck: If you get the chance to shop for sleeveless or cropped turtleneck tops, don’t keep them for the next fall. In the summer season, you can wear turtlenecks, especially the sleeveless version with a nice shirt, mainly in the contrast shades. While black and white make for a stunning combination, there are many other palettes that can be make for an interesting experiment. You can even match two different shades of the same colour for a new feel.

Just an overcoat

Just an overcoat: As cliché as you want to say, but a summer coat can be just ideal for layering almost anything with ease! Starting from the ripped denims to the short dresses, coats are great ways to add layers when the breeze demands and can be easily switched off when needed. Summer coats should ideally be light, and unless you are going for work, the style can be equally casual with unusual shades.

Show it with sheer

Show it with sheer: Summer layers don’t need to be about covering all the time, but instead, you can go for some strategic skin show with sheer and see-through material. The simplest idea is to wear your camisole or bikini and add a nice sheer top, showing off what you dare to bare. Again, the amount of skin show is dependent on the material, so make sure that you are picking the right thing. Tops in sheer are available in most online stores, and if the fall is around, you will find some great discounts too!

In the next part, we will talk of more ideas that make summer layering worth the time and efforts, with guidelines on making style more closet friendly.

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