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A Complete Styling Guide for Shorter Girls- Part 1

Being short doesn’t mean the fashion police will be kind on you. While not having the right height is not your fault, but making fashion mistakes is not forgivable at all. Most short girls, who don’t care for their body, also tend to put on unwanted weight, and that calls for understanding the fashion rules even better. Here is a close take on the rules for short girls through a series that look at the basic of styling right.

Go high on heels

Go high on heels: It’s pretty obvious that heels make any day special for any fashionista, but for short girls, heels are almost necessary. If you haven’t practiced wearing heels till date, you can start wearing new shoes at home. The old trick of using books on the top of your head to get the balance always works, so you might just get it right within a week. High heels, especially pumps and platforms can be great for adding extra length to the silhouette at any point of time.

Make friends with High-waist pants

Make friends with High-waist pants: High waist pants are always worthy of attention, more when you are focused on looking taller. There are all kinds of designs that you can try, starting from the shorts to even the pants cut around ankle. Match the pants with tucked in shirts, and if you can dare to bare the mid-riff, even the cropped top can be worthy of a look. High waist designs have been on the runways in recent times, just to mention that you are losing on trends either.

Fit is the new key to style

Fit is the new key to style: Alright, most of your friends love to wear those baggy clothes that seem to be the biggest trend on the block for now, but strangely, it’s not meant for short girls. You need to be utterly comfortable in the clothing choices, and the wrong fit or slouchy clothes can ruin it all. Short girls need to stick to the classic idea of staying within the fit, so you neither wear too fit nor too loose clothes.

Be careful with handbags and belts

Be careful with handbags and belts: We have seen how the tote bag has been interpreted in new ways in recent times, and that ‘one bag for everything’ concept has gone places, including offices. However, the look doesn’t work for short heighted girls at all. If you are dealing with height, the idea is to avoid too big handbags. You can experiment with IT bags or even sling designs, which are safer for sure. As for belt, the more thinner-the better, because the silhouette appears longer with slimmer designs.

Go for pointy toes

Go for pointy toes: Pointy toee  have been in vogue for the longest time, and the good news is you can wear them in style and be as stylish as you always wanted. Short heighted girls get the advantage of the design, which helps in getting a taller feel. You can find more designs of this sort in most online stores, and when you opt for miniskirts and short dresses, the look is better with ankle strap pointy toes.

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