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A Complete Style Guide to Wearing Tights

Wearing tights for any season needs a lot of balance and understanding of how things can be paired. While some of the ladies don’t experiment much with tights, there are others who chose to opt for jeggings and leggings as safer and better choices. No wonder, choosing tights for your regular dressing can be tricky, but we can assure you that our hacks will certainly ease your experimenting ventures.

With dresses

With dresses: When you are wearing dresses or anything that’s close to a feminine dress/ensemble, all that you need is a pair of lace tights. Attention is more needed on the material and the colour of the tights, because you don’t want the dress to clash with the tights by any means. Black with black is easily the most loved choice, especially when the outings are scheduled around evening or parties.

With trench coats_

With trench coats: With knits and floral garments, tights are perfect bliss for light winters. For tights, the main focus should be on how the material works with rest of the gown, just like we mentioned in the last point. You want the knit to be the heavy material in this entire look, so avoid tights that take the glare away from the main outfit. As for colours, blending soft and pastel shades with black tights can be a great idea for the winter and pre-fall times.

With skirts and boots

With skirts and boots: If you don’t want the tights to be the centre of attraction for your entire look, the idea is to use it like a piece to cover. Go for unusual and asymmetrical skirts that work wonders in terms of designs and can be paired easily with ankle or knee high boots, fitting in the tights in between. Tights do makeup for the unwanted skin show, so you are more at home in terms of comfort while moving out!

With layering ensemble

With layering ensemble: Think of the perfect winter layered look- A nice easy dress, a sweater, a denim jack, socks and your favourite boots/shoes! What is missing here?- Well, you need a nice pair of tights that can excellently work as a nice item for layering work without seeming like an unmatched piece in a puzzle. Tights work more like an accessory in this entire look, bringing in comfort and warmth for a chilly evening!

With a pair of denim shorts

With a pair of denim shorts: Denim shorts and tights are like a pair made in heaven. You don’t need to wear tights strictly for any season in this case, because you can wear shorts and tights like a combo even in spring. Just make sure that the colours balance each other, and if that come naturally to you, choose black as a classic choice for a pair of blue denim shorts, and you can be assured that can never go wrong.

Among the other things to try with tights include pleated skirts and turtleneck tops and sweaters. If you know the material and shade matching tricks, half of your tight wearing woes are gone for sure!

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