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5 prom looks to try this summer

The day you’ve been awaiting for years finally arrives and despite countless times of envisioning the perfect dress, when the dream becomes the reality you’re cut short of ideas. It’s a familiar scenario; somehow what you picture in your head doesn’t necessarily surface in the shops, catalogues and shopping centres as you had planned! If this sounds like you then look no further, the following 5 looks are perfect styles to pull off this summer for that special occasion;

1. Maxi dresses; elegant, slimming and classy. Maxi dresses elongate your legs, and make the perfect formal outfit. Long dresses have always been associated with formal events and what better excuse to wear one then your prom! For short girls conscious of looking too short and stumpy, maxi dresses are a great way to elongate your figure. Alternatively maxi dresses are perfect for tall girls who want to avoid wearing heels and towering above the crowds in the photos! Wearing flats instead of heels doesn’t have the same desired, leg elongating effect. Whilst wearing a maxi dress however this isn’t a problem as your legs are covered and heels aren’t worn.
2. You can’t go wrong with an A-line dress! If you’ve got a small waist an A-Line skirt is great for showing it off, drawing away attention from other areas such as your legs or hips. TheA-line skirt doesn’t hug your legs like most dress, making them appear slimmer for those legs conscious individuals. The A-line skirt has retained its position as a timeless key piece through the ages, form the 50’s straight until now it’s always featured on the shops rails.
3. The infamous LBD is perfect for every occasion- prom included. It’s understated and effortless, yet simultaneously striking at the same time. Wearing plain black enables you to wear lots of accessories to give it that extra quirky edge, allowing you to personalize the outfit to your hearts content! Don’t just pursue a colour that will make you stand out, go for a colour that will suit you. Try to avoid being lulled into the mentality that whatever is brighter and bigger = better. Consider your skin tone and your eye colour here; the LBD is great because it’s so versatile it suits pretty much everyone. If you’re impeccably pale however, avoid TOO much black as it may lead to you look washed out or unwell.
4. Shift dresses are perfect for tall girls, they channel that sophisticated 60’s look whilst drawing attention to your legs. Going for a shift dress is also quite a quirky and unique style in contrast the trend of princess dresses that predominate the shops, making it a unique and personal style individual to you and only you. Shift dresses have a knack for looking effortless and understated, which is always a look you’ll want to strive for.
5. Low cut back dresses show off one of your best features; your back. Elegant and classy, a dress with an intricate strap design on the back of the dress is always a winner. With an intricate back design there’s not as much need to accessorize or incorporate lots of colour!

Elle works for CS Bedford as a fashion and jewellery writer.

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