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5 Fashion Mistakes Every Girl Needs to Avoid

Not everything that you see on the ramp looks good on the road! While all of us are in the race to keep up with the latest fashion trends, the ugly truth is that most of us do not even follow the simple fashion rules without which all trends can go wrong. Fashion blunders cannot only cause embarrassment beyond belief but can also spoil one’s self-confidence. Here are the top fashion mistakes you should stop making right now!

The Wrong Underwear

The Wrong Underwear – Once we are dressed up, we have a quick look at ourselves in the mirror to be sure we are dressed properly, but checking ourselves in the mirror is just not sufficient.  To be sure that your overall look is perfect, be it from the front or back, call a friend to your room and get yourself inspected. While wearing an undergarment is very natural and the show of your bra strap is not something to feel ashamed of, it simply can spoil the look of your outfit. Make sure you are wearing the right type of underwear in the right way!

Trying to Look Too Trendy at Once

Trying to Look Too Trendy at Once – So, you are following almost every possible fashion trend under the sun? But if you try to follow all of them on the same attire, it can become the biggest fashion nightmare. Too much of anything goes completely wrong. While the latest hairstyle trend seems fascinating to you, be sure if it goes well with the outfit you are wearing. If you have bought new metallic pumps, don’t wear them for the sake of to show off.  Wear only if they go well along with your attire.

Wearing Oversized Silhouette

Wearing Oversized Silhouette – If you have a maxi dress, which is too big for you, you can wear a tight white tee and give the maxi an illusion of a skirt. And do not forget to accessorize with a bold statement neckpiece.

Accessorizing Too Loudly

Accessorizing Too Loudly – Unless you are going to a fancy dress competition, simply do not accessorize too much. This is especially when the outfit is the focal point of your entire look. Simple and elegant is the quintessential fashion trend, keep up with it.

Wearing Hemlines Inappropriate for your Height

Wearing Hemlines Inappropriate for your Height – Before buying or wearing anything that looks amazing, do consider how amazing it would look on you. Very often have woman been spotted wearing cut-offs too long for their not so long legs and crop tops too cropped for their long torso. And these fashion blunders look disastrous! However, this does not mean you do not try out new trends since your body does not resonate with them. If you are petite, you can wear long utilitarian vests, which will look classy. All you need to do is be sure you are buying the right size vest and complementing it with correct accessories.

Fashion begins with comfort! Comfort comes from confidence! Confidence comes when you are sure there are no fashion disasters on your body!

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