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Winter 2012 fashion trends

I realise that the days are still long and that big, round, hot thing is (occasionally) in the sky, but mark my words, winter is coming and you don’t want to be a caught out in the cold. Standing out in the cold, however, is a totally different matter. For women all across the country, looking good in the vast depths of a British winter is an acquired wardrobe art – which is strange, considering they should be used to it. However, mastering the art of winter fashion is even harder when all the shops are still stocked up with floral skirts, pastel dresses and hot pants.Here are a few choice trends that have been warming the catwalks in preparation for the big freeze.


Winter Clothing
















Maybe not the most useful directive for the winter months, but after painfully scouring through many pictures of indescribably trendy women from recent fashion shows, it has come to my attention that hats are the way to go this winter. The Fedora seems to be the biggest hit and can make any outfit look chic. Additionally, a pashmina or large scarf can make a rather fashionable improvised headscarf, which can also keep the cold at bay.


Exceptionally winterish, white always makes a resolute appearance in winter fashion shows. However, too many white clothes are simply abandoned during the grim, winter months. White is the ultimate winter fashion statement. There is something striking about white clothes set against the dark, miserable backdrop of a winter skyline. Not for the faint hearted, be adventurous and accompany your whites with soft creams, and for the bold, subtle streaks of vibrant colour.

Purples and jewels

Purple and colours such as sapphire blue, rust, deep gold’s, maroon and claret red were ubiquitous at both London and New York fashion shows. Try pairing with black for an easy transition from autumn to winter trends.

Statement coats

Forego your basic coats and think outside the box. Different materials, crazy shapes, unique patterns, patchworks, big collars and cocoon backs, winter will hit you hard if you don’t have a great statement coat. If outlandish fashion isn’t your thing, military coats have once again lorded over the cat walks. Toughen up for winter with epaulettes, gold buttons and camouflage chic.











Leather trousers

Ladies, embrace your inner Jim Morrison because leather trousers are the surprise addition to this year’s winter fashion trends. From wide legged to crops, mustard hues to leopard prints, leather trousers are likely to be one of winters most daring fashion statements.


For those with short hair, big is the way to go. Short and voluminous bouffants, reminiscent of the likes of Twiggy and Brigitte Bardot, are this winter’s hairstyle which combines short hair with old-fashioned glamour. Alternatively, long haired dames could imitate the growing trend at this year’s London fashion week and dip-dye the end of their luscious locks. Simple, but extremely effective, blue and orange goes well with blondes whilst brunettes should dye their tips black, green or blue. If you’re going to do this at home, ask a friend with a steady-hand!

Sunglasses (in winter?)

Yes, narcissists, egotists and girls in a band can sigh a huge, chilly breath of relief. Sunglasses are extremely cool in winter. The bigger, the brighter, the bolder, the better. Although, be warned, wearing sunglasses in the winter months is the quickest way to be silently ridiculed and judged by random people on the street. If you have thick enough skin to be character-assassinated on a daily basis, then go for it. There are far worse things to worry about just because you’ve decided to spruce up your look.

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