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Go for the half jacket

Styling for the Spring in A Fresh Way- Part 2

We were talking of some of the new ways to freshen up the spring season for the months ahead in the last post. Taking it straight from there, we take at the different ideas

Own a see-through skirt

Freshen Up for the Spring in a New Way- Quick Fixes- Part 1

Spring trends have arrived, the accessories are known and yet there is always some sort of confusion on what should go with which other items for that perfect blended look. If you are keen

With peplum top

Cropped Sweater for the Spring- More Ideas – Part 2

Spring fashion is always about style in a fresh way, and among the funkiest things you can own is the classic cropped sweater. The cropped design is all about glamour in a loud way,

With skinny denims

Cool New Ways to Wear the Cropped Sweater- Part 1

If you haven’t found a liking for cropped sweaters, we assure that after this series, you will be looking to buy a few. We have done a post on how you can wear the

Add a pair of colourful sneakers

More Ideas to Look Like a Model on the Streets- Part 2

In our first part of the series, we have talked about how some of the famed and hot models look off the ramp and the way they manage to look effortlessly stylish at all

Go for the ankle boots

Getting the Off-The-Ramp Model Look Everyday – Part 1

Those lean and slim runway models always manage to look worth a million bucks, even when they are not in high end designer line. The essence is exceptionally cool and most models seem to

A nice tee

Affordable Fashion- More Ways to Look Stylish in Budget- Part 2

In the first part, we talked of some of the essentials that can overdose style in your looks. Taking the same tone and series ahead, we check some more good things that are easy

Get a silk blouse

Affordable Fashion: Cheap Ways to Look More Stylish- Part 1

We always love Dolce & Gabbana, Gucci and Armani, but let’s also agree that we hardly have the resources that can be spent on a lavish collection of designer outfits. So, the idea that

Add an oversized bag

Ideas to Wear the Best Sweaters of the Spring – Part 2

Sweaters are perfect choices for the spring in mind, and in our first part, we have already talked about some of the best ways to style the sweater for the freshest season of the

Play it relaxed

How to Style the Sweater for the Spring? – Part 1

Keeping aside the winters, it’s almost time to welcome the spring, and we have enlisted enough on the spring trends. With all that left for choice, we also have the readymade knits and sweaters