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The “Best of Spring” – Shoes for Every Girl – Part 1

So, the countdown to the ultimate spring lists has already started, and if you have followed our blog, you already know that we have enlisted some of the biggest trends of spring 2017. This

Go simple and chic

What to and not to wear at an airport?

Travelling and running around at airports is not easy. While we all have done a lot of travelling, there are always few outfits that are big ‘no-noes’ at the airport or for the flight.

Military girl

More Amazing Boot Trends For Fall 2016 – Part 2

In our last post on fall trends, we talked of a few handpicked trends in boots. Moving ahead, we are going to talk of more trends and ideas. Here’s a list of the final

Style with velvet boots

Handpicked Fall 2016 Boot Trends at a Glance – Part 1

Fall is always a great season to experiment. If you have followed our blog, you must have seen all those trends that we have covered in varied posts. We have talked of the best

The raw cropped jeans

How to Revamp Your Summer Clothing Pieces for Fall!

Fall is officially here in many parts of the world! It is time to put on those dark burgundy lips, get yourself a pumpkin spice latte and glow up your house with cinnamon fragranced

Get to business

Top 5 Ideas to Create the Perfect Wardrobe for Work!

Finding the perfect 9 to 5 outfit in your wardrobe can be such a tedious task, but if you group all your workwear together in one section of your closet, you will not only

Quick Check Book For Probable Spring 2017 Accessory Trends

Spring 2017 trends are yet to be analysed in detail, but we happened to glance at some of the accessories of the runways. Finally, we are happy to report that spring next year is

Everyone loves Tulle

Spring 2017 Trends for Every Lady – Part 2

Last week, we were talking of some of the amazing trends of spring 2017. This is that time of the year, when you want to know the best of runway ideas and translate them

Best Spring 2017 Trends for Every Girl – Part 1

Finally, the wait is over! The spring 2017 collections have arrived, and it is time to unveil some of the most surprising trends of next year. Let’s start by saying that spring always is

Skimpy dresses

6 Things You Should Never Wear as a Wedding Guest!

Who doesn’t love weddings? This is the only time you can dress up in that cute dress which has been hanging in your wardrobe for a long time. But there are some no-no’s when