Top Two Trends from 2014 Worth Wearing Next Year

There is something that always inspires about the spring, and for 2015, we had quite a few trends that made rounds. To be very honest, spring summer trends aren’t tough to put to use, and practically, there is something for every fashionista. While we have done quite a few posts on the spring 2015 trends, we end up finding things that are worth sharing with our readers. Here’s a close take on two such things we spotted from 2014, which we surely knew deserved a mention by all means for the sheer simplicity factor.

Stripes and more stripes

Stripes and more stripes: Easily one of the best trends of 2014 is the coming of stripes, and we must admit that we haven’t talked much on this. The stripes for the last season were essentially different and versatile to say the least. There are diagonal, vertical and horizontal stripes that were spotted a number of designers. While we have the gingham for 2015, this one this really easy to pull off, and as for the colours, we insist you play it safe with one, two and three colours.

How to wear stripes? Make it simple. White and any other colour make for a perfect combination in balance, and therefore, we insist you keep that safe for the summer time office. Then, there are the bold stripes with colour block, which work for the casual days. Let’s put it like this- you may not be able to pick a full on skirt and a similar and different blouse together, both being in stripes. This makes for a better alternative- choose a full short dress in one of the stripes and match with block shoes, or else, just choose one item in stripes.

Ruffles and folds

Ruffles and folds: One more from 2014 that certainly should work next year, especially for those who are not comfortable with spring trend of 2015 of sheer and suede. The ruffles and folds were seen all around the months in this year, and the same may work wonders for the coming season, as well. You can check with designers like Johnny and Ellery to find the ideas. The best part of wearing ruffles and folds is the essentially feminine element, which is not subdued by any means.

How to wear ruffles and folds? Get more with the ruffles by designing your own outfit. Alternatively, there are many designers who have put their collections online, and since the trend is from 2015, you actually can get quite some off on the designs. Also, ruffles might not be the perfect choice for the office, but it certainly works for the corporate lady when done with aesthetics. Make your call by limiting ruffles for the workplace and increasing the same for the casual days, which is like a perfect balance.

Of course, we keep adding more to the spring 2015 list, but we hope these two ‘blast from the past’ trends make it happening for you. Starting your spring shopping with these and find more from the latest ones we have already mentioned.

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How to Wear the Spring 2015 Trend of Kimono Style?

The Japanese Kimono is among the most inspired outfits for spring 2015 that we haven’t spoke about much to be very specific. Let’s start by saying that the kimono has given ways to many of the similar looks in recent few years, and the trend continues, except for the fact that the number of designers went for the kimono and made it look way more stylish. Get started with the kimono and check these cool ideas that we have spotted at various designers this season. Here’s a close take on practical ways of getting the kimono style.

Get draped

Get draped: Spotted at The Row, this kimono inspired look had quite a few things in style. The look was more of the draped kimono element, which was combined with flared legged pants cropped at the calf coupled with sleeves that were equally flared. With a pair of flat sandal slip-ons, the model looked quite cool. Keeping the colours subtle, the overall style worked in all ways.

Play it the power way

Play it the power way: One of the greatest styles was the coming power jacket, inspired by the Japanese look at Alexander Wang for the spring 2015 collection. The trend was essentially stylish and quite effective to say the least, but yes, this is something that the corporate wanted for being away from the old school designs of pantsuits, which have become boring over the last few years.

Belt it high

Belt it high: The kimono style belting was all happening at the Vera Wang Spring collection for 2015. The high belting here too was from the outfit, except for the fact that the style didn’t lose its essence. Here, the power suit had the belt that would work rightly, and you can keep the essential kimono element in place. Even for those who don’t like the outfit in general, this can be worth wearing.

Get it in the dressy way

Get it in the dressy way: There is something very classy about the kimono dress we spotted at 3.1 Phillip Lim. The look is very classy and happening, and not to forget, the colour is blue, which has emerged to be the new black for spring 2015. Make a point to try something even in the summer colours, because from the belt to the getup, everything in kimono style is going to be around for some time.

The trench style

The trench style: Love the trench coat of the fall? Well, the same came in the summer and spring of 2015 in a very cool kimono way at Rosie Assoulin collection. The long ensemble looked so ravishing that we had no choice but to include it in our list. Make a point to pick something like this. The summer style trench coat with an element of royalty made this one of the items that we would want to pick from the designer collections this coming season.

This was not all; there were quite a few other designers who opted for the kimono styled looks, including Creatures of the Wind, BCBG, and Richard Chai. Make sure to pick one this spring.

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Make the Most of Best Three Trendy Spring 2015 Fabrics

Paris offers some great trend worth being inspired every season, and therefore, the runway collections here make the loudest noise. There are many people who believe that trends are for everyone, but there are many of us who still vouch to find the fabrics in vogue and make the most of customized choice of getting tailored outfits. We ransacked the fashion shows and ‘ready to wear’ collections and found these incredibly trendy fabrics. Check what you should be wearing for spring and summer 2015 with ideas on what to do with these fabrics.

The feminine element of SHEER

The feminine element of SHEER: Sheer is easily one of the best things of the season to go by. The seasonal trend of a show off material for spring continues, and we really liked the way the sheer made way in the collections. Most designers had their own ways of getting the sheer, and everyone from Giorgio Armani, Valentino, to Alberta Ferretti, and Monique Lhuillier seemed to be in love with sheer. There are many styles in sheer that worked, and the skin show started from being stylish to more feminine with work of embroidery and embellished work that made instant.

How to style in sheer? The simplest rule to follow is go by instincts. Sheer for spring 2015 isn’t meant to be for skin show, but it is more about aesthetics. Get the fabric and design into a gown, or simply get a complete look with a sheer top matched well with a pair of denims, which is the next fabric we are talking of.

The welcome of DENIM

The welcome of DENIM: Denims of the runways have never been groundbreaking because some designer or the other has been using it in one form or other. Come the spring collections of 2015, we got a new hang of the denim, which went in the making of loosing fitting and roomy pants, jumpsuits, dresses, cropped fits and lots more. The idea is to take denim in its solid blue colour and make the most of it. Designers like Chloe, Dolce & Gabbana, and Gucci have made this a real rage.

How to wear denims? Go loose, fitting and anyway you like but in the actual colour of denim- blue. That’s the best part of wearing denim this season.

The trend of SUEDE

The trend of SUEDE: To be very honest, we don’t support suede by any means, but at the same time, we just cannot ignore how suede has emerged to be one of the best trends for spring 2015. The fabric has been used for literally everything. So, you have shoes, boots, dresses, tops and lots more. The colours weren’t bright, but we did spot quite a few colours that were not very suede–like as we are used to.

How to wear suede? The idea is to go for faux suede, or even the real material in classy colours. Rest assured that trend will stay for days to come and we may see them yet again at the fall 2015.

Starting material shopping now!

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Quick Trend Roundup for Spring 2015 From Paris Fashion Week

The grand Paris Fashion Week Spring 2015 came to an end, and we wanted to you get every bit of it. Yes, many of the trends did repeat themselves at London and New York, but then, there is always something addictive about Paris that makes us come back for more. We are doing an exclusive series to help you with your fashion shopping for the spring in the coming year, and here’s what you can get from things spotted in Paris. Get your style fix now!

Go with sheer

Go with sheer: We just did a post on how you can wear the sheer trend for spring, because it is all about subtlety and balance. The same continued at Paris, where we spotted the beautiful collection of Balenciaga, which had quite some elements of sheer. From soft pastel shades to black and white, the sheer here was visible in most of the looks, and one must admit that despite being quite on the edgy side, the looks didn’t quite miss the feminine things that we wanted. Certainly a winner by many ways and would be making way to local stores very soon.


Go for cut-outs: This remains the editor’s choice because cut-outs are just more than sexy and skin show. You can show off skin quite strategically, and the ideas came from a number of designers, including Balmain and Paco Rabbane. The cuts had quite some athletic styles and designs to be very specific, and there were quite a few designs that let you show your fab body without being too much vocal about it. We love the fact that cut-outs made a comeback, and we cannot ask for more.

Go oversized

Go oversized: Now that’s what they have got for the spring. At Paris Fashion Week Spring 2015, we found many of the designers were rather focused on extra fabric and room for more space. So the jackets went from being basic to larger. The coming of generous silhouettes is quite something to appreciate because who wants to be in those tight fitting clothes all the time? This is a trend that you would see others wearing, and probably, you don’t need a brand to get the trend in your closet. Spring fashion doesn’t get easier than this for sure.

Go the Costume way

Go the Costume way: Fashion for the spring has some real surprises, which not many were anticipating. It’s a great time when we are not focused on colours and floral, which remained the trends for the season for decades. Instead, we had these costumes; they were seen at a number of designers, including Vivienne Westwood and Olympia Le Tan. You will love the look because costumes are everywhere, and there is something for everyone. Even if you are not keen on extreme drama, there are a few looks to get inspired and find something worth the closet.

In the next part, we will talk of more trends for the spring summer 2015 from Paris that you just may like for sheer beauty and passion of the season.

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How To Wear The Spring Summer 2015 Trend Of Sheer?

Talking of the spring summer 2015 trends, one thing that remained constant in many designers is the coming of sheer clothing. From being edgy to something that is feminine with soft and flowing fabrics, there is a choice for everyone. Unlike all other trends that seemed easy to adopt, this one needs some real understanding of balance, because there’s a thin line between delicate and show off. Sheer clothing isn’t easy to carry off, and there are some essential styling ideas that you may want to try. Here’s a close take on sheer trend of spring 2015 and how you can get the most of the same.

Go feminine

Go feminine: As mentioned, many of the designers like Alberta Ferretti, Versace chose to get feminine with the sheer style. So, there was a lot of flowing gowns that had all the elements of being taken to the red carpets, which is expected in the coming season.

Go more on embroidery-embellishment

Go more on embroidery/embellishment: This is another thing to try to sheer clothing for sure. The adding of embellishment and little of the glamour elements in sheer can shift the focus from the skin show and make it much more happening. Again, the colour choices were much subtle and sans too much of boldness, but we are talking of the colour options next.

Stay soft on colours

Stay soft on colours: For the sheer thing to work in the right way, the colours matter the most. Strangely, we saw some great use of greens in its best and softest shades this season. Many designers either opted for green or went for green highlights, while there was a bit of other colours, including pink. Black, as always, remained one of the safest choices for sheer looks, and the same continued.

Top ideas for getting the sheer clothing right

The first thing to understand is the need for balance, something that we mentioned at the first place. You can go edgy with sheer, but your attitude needs to be equally on the top. Also, wearing sheer requires a fabulous body, because you have to be sure that you can show of skin where you want. You have to appreciate that sheer isn’t for everyone, and yet there is one thing or the other worth trying. If you cannot show skin around the back or waist, you can go for sheer sleeves.

Sheer clothing isn’t something new for the spring season, and there have been quite a few changes as we progressed from one year to another. For 2015 spring, it is not about just show off, but it’s equally about subtlety, as well. Make a point to find something that matches and suits your body type. Don’t show of skin with sheer simply because that’s the obvious, but the style is more about experimenting, and for that, you must move beyond the basics. Start off with soft colours and get more with every single element on the outfit by adding the right accessories. For gowns, simplicity is the key to styling right.

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Spring Summer 2015 Trend – How To Wear One Shoulder Looks?

There is nothing new about One-Shoulder Cuts, except for the fact that the style can be interpreted in a lot of ways. From the essential cut to show off skin in a subtle and sensuous way, there is more to one shoulder cuts than just the mere look of it. For spring summer 2015, we spotted the trend in a multitude of ways and each one had something to offer. Ralph Lauren, Jill Stuart, and Tanya Taylor are some who experimented with the look, and we decided to do something about the trend, so that you can wear it better than ever.

One-Shoulder Cuts

Let the basics right: Long before you look for One-Shoulder Cuts, there are essential things to ask. Are you ok with the skin show? Can you pull off a look that is lowered on the back? Is your body worth flaunting? Well, these things matter in the kind of look you can opt for. Dresses are all cool, but if you are not in a very feminine mood, you can choose to get a top in such style, much like what we saw at Jill Stuart. Make a point to ensure that you are wearing something that doesn’t reveal the bra. Your innerwear holds prime importance in shaping the bosom.

Avoid layering: That’s something any designer or even a novice on fashion would suggest for this look. Make a point to ensure that you don’t use a jacket or a stole to cover up the exposed body. Layering is a total no for one shoulder dresses and tops. Also, you have to understand that skin show has nothing to do with the shape you are in. Of course, you cannot flaunt a flabby belly, but for the shoulder, you don’t have to worry much at all.

Pick a solid colour: If you check the three designers we mentioned, you must have noticed that the colour plays a dominant role in getting the right look. The idea is to pick a colour that works for your skin tone, and don’t worry on the bold tones, because that’s what makes a dress stand out. Also, if you are keen on prints, you can choose to get one of the accessories in a statement bold colour and make a real effect.



Choose your own length: Unless you are wearing a top, the one shoulder dress needs to have the right length. Some girls like it all long, so it has the appeal of the red carpet dresses, while others like it short and simple, much like what you would want to wear for the summer days. The choice of length can change the whole game of the dress. Check online and find your own pick in the kind of shoulder look you want to have with a check on the length. One colour dresses are pleasing, but for prints and mixed colours, a decent choice is essential for balance.

Get started with the love of one shoulder looks because the look will be all over for the coming year!

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How To Wear Spring Summer 2015 Trend Of All White?

Among the many trends of spring summer 2015, we had a quick look at the best ones in the last few posts, and as we started off, we wanted to add more ideas to these trends. One of the best things that we spotted for the upcoming season is the coming of ‘Head-to-Toe White’ look, which was best seen at Frame. There is a need for a lot of imagination to get things in place for this trend in particular, despite the fact that the trend is quite wearable. Here’s how you can make the white more cool than ever with some decent ideas.

Keep it simple

Keep it simple: That’s probably the best way to go ahead with this spring 2015 trend. Make a point to pick the dress that is essential for the summer in while or keep the light top matched well with a pair of chinos- simplicity is the key here. We saw the same trend rule at Frame, and we agree that the lack of detailing often works in the right way, especially with the season’s mood in mind.

Get one accessory out

Get one accessory out: At least that’s what a smart and chic fashionista would do to avoid the monotony of the look. Simply choose to get the nice of pair of shoes in contrast or choose an item in the accessories that can work with colours. Pick the pop colour for the item, starting from a nice and bright handbag, to a hat or even a statement neckpiece. Even the most general item can change the feel of white and add a nice element of glamour to the look.

Go for layering

Go for layering: This is another idea that should work when you are not very keen on playing with the fabrics. The all white look can look worth a million bucks when the dress or top is matched well with a nice jacket or even the old shrug that you haven’t used for some time. Layering can bring volume to the look, and even the layers can be fun when you use the right things.

Choose a pantsuit

Choose a pantsuit: That’s something we would suggest at the first place, because let’s face it that the power girl at the corporate office looks cool in an all white pant suit. Create a customized look and check if you can do something with the overall look, by adding value to the shoes or even adding a bright contrasting clutch or pouch for the tablet or laptop. The choices with suits remain many because you can actually select the kind of look you want with your choice of fabric.

Also, we saw that creams and beiges are great to combine with white and doesn’t take away from the ‘Head-to-Toe White’ look at all. Even at Frame, we found the look, and yes, we loved the way the creams worked with white. Also, you can find torn denims or extra long coats that can work well for creating more effect with the colour. Make your choice.

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How To Wear The Spring Summer 2015 Shirtdress Trend?

Let’s start by saying that the spring summer trends had quite a few surprises for us. No wonder, we loved the gingham and had other styles to pick, but one thing that we didn’t mention was the shirtdress. Essentially, your old collared shirt goes for a makeover and becomes a dress that’s meant to be timeless. The trend was seen at many designers, including Altuzarra, Charlotte Ronson, and Rebecca Minkoff, each one giving an edge to the look. Here’s a take on the spring summer 2015 shirtdress and how you can wear it in style.

Go the loose way

Go the loose way! When you are not sure how to wear the shirtdress, just pick a design that’s of a size larger than yours. Match the same with boots, and you have a look that’s easy on the eyes. Alternatively, sandals will work well, depending on the colour, but then probably with such an idea, you can wear the light colours without worrying about the extra flab. The ‘flab to fab’ thing can happen in minutes.

Lower the hem

Lower the hem: Not everyone is fond of the extremely happening loose shirtdress, and for some, the longer version of the same collared design can work wonders. Thinking if that would be boring? Well, no! What you need is nice pair of high heels that can add the length factor to the legs and make it look more pleasing. Just keep it simple on accessories because that’s how it’s going to create an appeal.

Add shine to the waist

Add shine to the waist: One of the best ways to flaunt your figure in shirtdresses is to glamorize the waist area as the look can get boring because of the design and shape of the dress. You can add a belt that can bring down the flare and show off the waist in style. The choice can be lean belt that just does the trick or a big wider one that creates a dramatic effect in no time. This is a style you cannot say no to!

Go for the fuller skirts

Go for the fuller skirts: Easily the most feminine way to wear the shirtdress is to go high on flare from the waist. You might not find many designs in the style, and some designers may charge high to customize one for you, but this trend is always around. The shirtdress gets the elements of the shirt for the collar and hands, while when one checks below the waist, it’s a pleasant look. Team the dress with a nice pair of sandals with medium heels!

Get more with Prints

Get more with prints: If the old style one colour shirtdress doesn’t seem to be appealing to you, the choice is to go for the prints. There are all kinds of colours that you can pick, and the prints may even be stripes or polka dots. If the print is confusing, add a jacket in one colour and bring the layered look for some uniformity. As for the shoes, any pair with some strappy element in contrast or match should work wonders.

Get going!

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Top Ways You Can Adopt the Power Shoulder Designs of Spring 2015

We must agree that one of most interesting trends of spring 2015 was the coming of new styles of shoulders, and we also admit that we somehow missed on this one. The shoulders for this upcoming summer and spring have been rather different, and each of the design was more about power than anything else, so there’s a need to adapt to the trend right away. Take a look on the best styles we spotted, and how you can make the most of each look.

Chloé Spring 2015 collection

Play it like a girl: This amazing outfit was spotted at Chloé Spring 2015 collection, and the design implies, you don’t need much to style right with this one. The chocker like design around the neck made way for some experimenting, because you cannot just add anything here, except for a pair of stunning studs for the ears. Match it well with lace up sandals in a classic colour, and you will love the look!

Zac Posen Spring 2015

Off-shoulders can be cool: There is something about the off-shoulder look that makes it a real favourite for all seasons. Let’s start by saying that off-shoulder designs let you do the skin show with real essence. At Zac Posen Spring 2015, we saw this real cool dress that works as good for the power lady in office as it would work with essence for a date. Now that’s the kind of design we want.

Prabal Gurung Spring 2015

Get more creative: If there is one outfit or ensemble that you should be investing for spring summer 2015, make it the one we found at Prabal Gurung Spring 2015. Showing the skin in style and offering a real creative design, the look was all style. Let’s just say that we love a little more detailing in some looks, and this is a complete ‘ten on ten’ look for the season by all means.

Emilio Pucci Spring 2015

The female gown with passion: At Emilio Pucci Spring 2015, we loved this gown with a chocker neck because it offered so much in terms of elements. This isn’t the utter easy short summer dress, but you would want to save this one for a complete day of real power. Wear it for a date or pick it for the day when you want to walk the red carpet with some real style element. As for the matching, pick the lace up sandals that we have seen on most runway shows.

Balenciaga Spring 2015

Among the other looks we loved, we have to mention the real cool way the Balenciaga Spring 2015 collection did with the dresses. Also, one of the best sights was the candy soft coloured look we spotted at Balenciaga Spring 2015, where the dress was so cool that we cannot wait to see one of the celebs in this.

Balmain Spring 2015

And then, there is this off-shoulder plus bandeau mix that was spotted at Balmain Spring 2015. This dress we rather say was more like a daring, because to carry off that style, you need a killer attitude.

Take your game of shoulders now!

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How to Wear Suede in Style- Guide to Spring 2015 Trends!

We had a full on work with spring summer 2015 trends, and one thing that we admit to like was the coming of suede, which nicely replaced the fur trends we had for the fall of 2014. Honestly, we don’t really appreciate leather or suede for the disadvantages that have on animals, but one thing is for sure- you can find faux options and yet get the trend to the closet. Keeping the coming of this fabric in the trend, here’s a guide that tells on how to get things right and make the most of the style.

Play with the u: One of the best things about suede in spring 2015 is the choice of colours, which varied from being close to the pastel to red and blue. Depending on how you like it, you have to make a pick. You can check the different ways our favourite designers chose to get ahead with the material.

Mix syle works wonders

Mix style works wonders: At Derek Lam Spring 2015, we saw the suede in the mixed style and the colours weren’t bright, but subtle. The use of purple and brown was just stunning, and we insist you try for an unusual combo this season, as well. With a contrasting pair of slip-on, this can be great!

Get it right with one colour

Get it right with one colour: The best look in suede was easily the short dress we spotted in Chloé Spring 2015 collection. Casually effective, the nude colour of the material worked wonders, and to avoid the monotonous look, the designers chose to add that stunning pair of lace up sandals in a contrasting black, which was also one of the many trends of the season. Surely ten on ten love for this one.

More than one trend

Throw in more than one trend: If the suede wasn’t enough, we also have the stunning mix of the khaki colour with loose fitting pants that made worth a complete look at Chanel Spring 2015 collection. Keep it loose and easy on the comfort zone, and you will love the look. In terms of accessories, your regular sling bag or any of the big cross body bags should make for a great match.

Short with suaveness

Go short with suaveness: This particular pair of suede shorts in a shade close to maroon at Jill Stuart Spring 2015 collection was a total stunner. With almost no accessories and a nice one shoulder top, the look of the model was more than just casual. If you are not very fond of the complete suede factor, you can wear such shorts and get the trend in action in no time without too many daring efforts!

Suede with a mad element

All about suede with a mad element: At Gucci Spring 2015 collection, we found that that suede was easily the most loved material, but yes, we never knew that they can bring in such effortless in the creation at one shot. This particular outfit is combined with suede boots in another colour, making it work for the model.

Find your love for suede now!

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