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Stand Out Accessories To Try This Summer!

Summer is ideally one of the best to show off your body and sense of style. Time and again, we have talked of some of the best trends from summer 2015, and since there

Top Clothing Ideas to Avoid For Your First Date!

We have done quite a few posts on what you should pick for a new fashion season and how you can get the best out of the seasonal trends. What we haven’t done is

Maxi Dresses in Winter!!! Yes, you have read it correct!

Yes, there is no typing or reading error there. You have read it right. Maxi dresses, that are mostly worn to open air dining and beach holidays are now the new trend for the

Fashion Trends for Summer 2015 to Keep you in Style

For most women, summer brings excitement as this is one season in which a lot of fashion trends are released. You do not need to limit yourself to woollen and fur and can experiment

The Hottest Handbag Trends for Summer 2015

Handbags are one of the most indispensable items of a lady’s wardrobe. A woman’s best friend, they know how to keep to themselves all the belongings and secrets of their owner! Money cannot buy

Flaunt your Feminism with Slip in Dresses

Your guide on What to Embrace and Discard This Summer

Each season brings along with it a fashion rage. But just like the weather, trends too change at the drop of a hat! The moment you decide to wear something you thought was in


Why heels are a girl’s favourite?

Have you ever wondered why all girls love wearing heels? The answer lies in the way heels are designed. Heels are designed to add the oomph factor to your entire appearance. If you take

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More Spring Mistakes You Can Avoid! – Part 2

In our very last post, we had spoken of the worst mistakes that girls can make for the spring. In this step-ahead post, we will again look at some of these mistakes that demand

Spring Mistakes That Most Girls Make – Part 1

Spring is easily the most styled up season of the year, and many girls do miss on the basic style statements. After a whole range of posts and more on spring fashion and style

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Final Collection of Best Jewellery Ideas from Fall 2015

We have reached the finale of our exclusive series on best jewellery for fall, and we are looking ahead to offer some of more trends for 2015. Check what it takes to create a