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Skimpy dresses

6 Things You Should Never Wear as a Wedding Guest!

Who doesn’t love weddings? This is the only time you can dress up in that cute dress which has been hanging in your wardrobe for a long time. But there are some no-no’s when

Adding a flirty touch

What to Wear on Your First Date?

Well, in the case of relationships that work, your first impression might not be the last one, but it certainly has an impact! It is crucial to know what to wear when you are

Shrug Size

Styling Guide – Fun Ways to Make the Most of Shrugs!

Not all of us are blessed with toned arms. There are days when you would want to get that extra flab out of your look, and that isn’t easy. One of the smartest solutions

Sleeve it up

5 Ways to Carry Off Your Ruffles in Style

Ruffles are in! They are stylish, trendy and bold. But wait! It can bail on you miserably if you do not know how to carry it off or style it properly. You can actually

Revisiting Best Handbag Trends from New York Fashion Week

No fashionista can ever have enough of handbags and shoes. Given the passion we share for handbags, this is the perfect time to talk of the handbag trends for fall 2016 from New York

Mules, slides

Quick Recap of Best Wearable Fall 2016 Shoe Trends

So, we are eagerly waiting for the spring 2017 trends, but we thought this is also the apt time to talk of the fall of this year, given that we might have a few

5 Chic Trends of 2016 You Must Try!

2016 has come up with some of the most unexpected trends, but they are quite interesting. We all know that the choker fashion is catching up like fire, and every woman is sporting a choker.

The Best Ways to Wear Prints This Year

If you are someone like me, you probably look for fashion hacks all the time. It is always a good idea to mix and match a few things to create a new look, and

Great Ways to Style the Summer Denim Shorts

Spring and summer is always a great time to experiment with a few ideas, and if you are a true fashionista, you will find your ways to mix and match things. One of the


Here Are Your Regular Current Basics for Summer-Spring!

The wait for summer-spring 2017 collections will be long, but it is the apt time to talk of the trends that made the most buzz this season. We have done very special posts on