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Top Ways You Can Adopt the Power Shoulder Designs of Spring 2015

We must agree that one of most interesting trends of spring 2015 was the coming of new styles of shoulders, and we also admit that we somehow missed on this one. The shoulders for

How to Wear Suede in Style- Guide to Spring 2015 Trends!

We had a full on work with spring summer 2015 trends, and one thing that we admit to like was the coming of suede, which nicely replaced the fur trends we had for the

You Guide to Wearing the Gingham Spring 2015 Trend

We have done quite a few trends in shoes and clothing for Spring Summer 2015, and one thing that was spotted at more than a few designers was the Gingham print. We loved the

Spring Summer 2015 Denim Trends to Shop Right Away! – Part 2

We have reached the denim trends of Spring 2015, and we have mentioned the best two designs that we spotted at various collections. The first one was your clean denim that seemed to be

The Best Denim Trends for Spring Summer 2015

There is nothing as versatile and happening as your regular denims. The material opens avenues for a lot of experimentation and there is something in every brand in every season that you can pick

Lace-up flatforms

Final Check on Spring Summer 2015 Shoes!

Fashion can be fun, and when we look at the runways and the collections, there is an exhilaration to shop more, which is hard to control. We have done some good covering for the

Three-strap sandals

Another Roundup for Spring Summer 2015 Shoes

So far, so good! We have covered some of the best designs and ideas in shoes for spring summer 2015 and have learned new ways to love the old designs. We also raided some


Deck Up With Best Shoes from Top Designer Spring Summer 2015 Collections

Shoes, shoes and more shoes! Strangely, not many of the designs, barring the gladiators and flatforms, seemed to be repeated for spring summer 2015, which gave us a lot of ideas to toy with.

Cage heels

Getting More with Spring Summer 2015 Shoes

Our recent posts on spring summer 2015 collections have found many takers, and we are constantly getting new requests. While we intend to focus on the individual style in days to come, let’s spend

Straps and more straps

The Love for More Shoes for Spring Summer 2015- Trends Part 6

We have had many requests on shoe trends, and therefore, it seems we just cannot get enough of the spring summer 2015 collections. Taking the series ahead, we take a close glance on the