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Belt it all up

How to Make the Pantsuit Look Better than Ever?

Work, as they say, is inevitable. While we love to style at work, there are those days when you have to straight head for a party or may even have to go shopping with

Invest in a knit dress

Smart Ways to Show Your Body in Winter

Winters are boring for the fact that out fashion choices don’t let us do ample with the amazing figure. While showing skin strategically is an art, the same gets a tad tougher for the

More Fashion Hacks for the Daily Girl- Part 2

Moving ahead with the fashion hacks we have for you, we have enlisted some more ideas that can just change the game for the looks you carry for the casual days and at work.

Don’t hang in the purse

Fashion Hack Tips for Change in Daily Looks- Part 1

We always recommend that fashion is not about big brands and designer labels. Sometimes, a few good tricks and some quirky ideas can do it all. The pre-fall 2015 collections are around, and we

More Ideas on Wearing the Jumpsuit- Part 2

Fashion doesn’t have to be restrictive, or experimenting with your looks is a crime. Welcome to the second edition of the series on jumpsuits, where we will look at the summer essential with more

Your Guide To Wearing Jumpsuits- Dos And Don’ts- Part 1

Everyone loves the summers, and one item for the season that we haven’t talked about much about is the jumpsuit. Many of the celebs have been seen wearing jumpsuits, and the design works in

Top Indian Designers Who Are Internationally Famous

When you see Paris Hilton, Oprah Winfrey or Pamela Anderson wearing a saree, you know the Indian fashion industry and culture is going places. With a huge demand for Indian clothes in the west,

A hint of kimono

The First Trend of Pre-Fall 2015- Trench Coats

We are not done with the Spring Summer 2015 collections as yet, and the pre-fall collections of many designers have arrived. If you are looking for some trends, we are yet to scan the

A perfect day bag

Accessories for Every Holiday for Every Girl!

Holiday vacation doesn’t have to be boring, and let’s agree to the fact that ‘travel light’ doesn’t always make sense. We have checked the travel wardrobes of many women and found that most of

The New Ways to Wear the Pencil Skirt in Style!

The pencil skirt is among the few items that can start from the office and can slide for the party with the same ease. Sadly, we tend to wear the pencil skirt with the